About Room-B

Room-B Serviced Apartments is a company built on investment in our people and technology.

We know that finding and booking serviced apartments for our clients is only a part of remaining competitive and relevant.

Speed, knowledge, accuracy, competitive pricing, accessibility and transparency, delivered through our team and systems - these are the things that set us apart from our competitors now and the foundation upon which we will build into the future.

Room-B is a serviced apartment provider that listens to its clients, and we build our product around their needs. We don't stand still but instead strive for innovation and forward thinking, because this is how we can continue to build an understanding of our market and grow long-term relationships with our clients.

But at the very core of our product is human interaction. As proud as we are of our technology, we understand that people – a name, a face, someone who understands your needs – are paramount at any stage of using serviced apartments...from booking to check-out, and everything in between.


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